CJP Questions Constitution Abrogation – Former Deputy Speaker Qasim Khan Suri’s Role Under Scrutiny

CJP Questions Constitution Abrogation

CJP Questions Constitution Abrogation Suri’s Role Under Scrutiny

It seems that taking away the PTI symbol “bat” for contesting General Elections 2024 was not enough, the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Qazi Faez Isa has now raised concerns about the actions of former National Assembly deputy speaker Qasim Khan Suri, questioning whether Qasim Suri should be proceeded against for allegedly abrogating the Constitution.

The Chief Justice pointed out that Qasim Suri prorogued the assembly session without conducting a vote on the no-confidence motion against ex-premier Imran Khan. Prominent lawyers and Analysts have come up online with mixed reactions to the case, stating such scrutiny would only jeopardize PTI’s political position in the upcoming general elections, especially some considering it to be a selective justice intended to harm the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

Former Justice’s Note on Deputy Speaker’s Conduct in the Ruling Case

After the tabled motion of vote, the no-confidence move by the Former Deputy Speaker Qasim Khan Suri, and post dismissal ruling, the former Justice Mazhar Alam Miankhel provided an additional note to highlight the gravity of the situation. According to the statement, he declared that this behavior is very unacceptable for a position of such high rank. Honest Miankhel pointed out that the parliament was meant to debate on whether the deputy speaker’s actions could be treated under Article 6 of the Constitution dealing with high treason. This development substantially complicates the unfolding political drama, and scrutiny of the rule of law is spurred by delineating ramifications for the former deputy speaker. The request for parliamentary reflection on this issue increases the scrutiny of how these actions are in a line with constitutional standards and also directives.

Justice Miankhel’s statement is a notable reminder of maintaining the dignity and decency that are required to hold high-ranking positions in the government. It provides a good basis for more profound assessments of the scenario surrounding the dismissal and its possible legal consequences. The episode points out the thin line separating political wrangling and indeed constitutional duties, introducing an element of immediacy to a much larger debate on governance and responsibility.

A general view of the Pakistan’s Supreme Court is pictured in Islamabad on April 6, 2022. – Pakistan President Arif Alvi told the country’s election commission on April 6 to fix a date for a new national ballot, as the supreme court adjourned a hearing into the legality of political manoeuvres that led to parliament being dissolved. (Photo by Aamir QURESHI / AFP)

Supreme Court Denounces Deputy Speaker’s Ruling on No-Trust Move

There came a breakthrough on April 7, 2022, when the Supreme Court of five judges unanimously condemned the ruling passed by the Assistant Speaker as being in violation of the Constitution. The court forcefully criticized the actions of a deputy speaker about the no-confidence motion, putting forward important questions regarding procedural malpractices and possible constitutional violations.

This censure from the superior judicial body casts doubts on the legality of the deputy speaker’s actions and starts a race for speculation in terms of expected high treason effects. The criticism of the court not only calls into question compliance with constitutional principles but also emphasizes that it is precisely judicial performance that determines respect for legality. This intrudes on the political arena, provoking many new debates about the separation of power and government in need of accountability.

CJP Isa Summons Qasim Suri and Seeks Answers on Pending Appeal

In an important move, Chief Justice Isa (who was leading a bench of three judges) issued the summons for Qasim Suri to appear in person before the court and file a brief statement next month. This action shows an emphasis on the judicial evaluation of legal issues in cases and further direct admission from a party involved. In addition, the court provided instructions to the registrar whereby a full report had to be filed within three weeks. The focus of the report is on Suri’s appeal to de-seat, which had been dragged for some time since an order was passed by this court dated September 27, 2019.

This directive brings to light the judiciary’s concern over this lag and calls for looking into factors that led to the slow legal proceedings. With the proactive measures of Chief Justice Isa, it is very appropriate to note that there has already been a display of commitment towards handling the issues expeditiously according to principles time in judicial directions. Qasim Suri’s planned brief statement before the legal proceedings introduces an element of anticipation, heightening the greater public interest in this unfolding saga.

Constitutional Crisis Looms: CJP Isa Contemplates Reviewing 2018 General Elections

In voicing his deep concern over the nature of case dragging on and on, Chief Justice Isa regretted that Qasim Suri acted as a deputy speaker which caused a constitutional crisis. He condemned the distortion of internal processes at the Supreme Court, which made it last for five agonizing years without any resolution. However, the Chief Justice Isa continued and issued a strong warning that if any constitutes violations were discovered, the court might be forced to examine the entire 2018 general elections process.

While senior counsel Naeem Bukhari argued that the case had lapsed upon Qasim Suri’s resignation on April 16, Yet, Chief Justice Isa warned against the delay in dealing with this matter and also promised to prevent any meddling into internal affairs of the Supreme Court. This unwavering position highlights the judiciary’s pledge to uphold the constitutionality and hold people responsible for any violations. The Chief Justice’s statements hint at an intention to draw a curtain over this long-standing courtroom drama and ensure that the justice is done according to the law of constitution.

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