02 Dead And 85 Injured In Karachi During 76th Independence Day Celebrations

02 Dead And 85 Injured In Karachi During 76th Independence Day

It is also reported by Dawn that two individuals lost their lives and 85 people sustained bullet injuries during celebratory gunfire in Karachi on the eve of Pakistan’s 76th Independence Day. The incident cast a somber shadow over the auspicious occasion. The terrible incident serves as a reminder of how can this reckless behavior can destroy lives and dim festivities.

A 25-year-old woman was going on a motorbike with her family when at People’s Chowrangi, she was struck by a bullet fired from an unknown direction and instantly lost her life.

Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre on 76th Independence Day

The bullet, fired during the celebratory chaos, found her on a bike, causing fatal injuries to her. The cited lady was immediately taken to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) but despite all the efforts of medical professionals at the hospital, she could not be saved.

The deputed Police Surgeon namely Dr. Summaiya Syed confirmed her unfortunate death, leaving the family in complete disarray.

The police surgeon namely Dr. Syed at JPMC, stated that the hospital received a total of 32 people with gunshot wounds. The list comprised of a majority of young people who in their high headedness went out all guns blazing in celebrating the Independence Day festivity and accidentally received gunfire wounds due to their carelessness. Another case of a young boy is pertinent to mention here that has received a head wound from the bullet and the boy is in critical condition. 

Dr. Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital Karachi (CHK)

In a subsequent incident on 76th Independence Day, a man was asleep on the roof in Lyari’s Aath Chowk, where he received a gun wound, leaving him half dead. Immediately the family members rushed him to Civil Hospital Karachi, otherwise called Dr. Ruth Pfau Hospital.

Doctors pronounced him dead after attempting every possible way to bring him back to life. This Reckless behavior of Karachiites had taken two reported lives up till that period, leaving both families in complete disbelief.

Civil Hospital Karachi received 21 wounded individuals aged from 07 months to 60 years old, with 07 teenagers and 03 females among them. The injuries varied in severity, with some victims requiring immediate medical attention and some not so much.

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Abbasi Shaheed Hospital (ASH)

Injured victims ranging from 12 to 55 years old included 05 teenagers and 08 females. Abbasi Shaheed Hospital (ASH) admitted 32 individuals aged between 08 and 50, included 08 teenagers and 08 women.

In a distressing incident, a 07-month-old baby received a bullet shot and was wounded at People’s Square near Burnes Road in the Aram Bagh area.

The innocent soul became an unintended victim of the reckless gunfire, stressing a need for stricter laws and regulations. In order to curb such ferociousness, city management also needs to step up and start an awareness campaign about celebratory firing on occasions like 76th Independence Day

The administration was active after lives are lost.

Police in Karachi also had clear orders to maintain law and order on 14th August. Law enforcement agencies swiftly took action to apprehend those responsible for the reckless behavior. It is reported by police that they arrested 08 suspects in various parts of the city for their alleged involvement in aerial firing during the Independence Day festivities.

In addition to 08 above 06 individuals were also taken into custody in Kharadar & Kalakot area and also seized 05 pistols from them. The police told us that the law will take its course and suspects will face charges of attempted murder, engaging in aerial firing & possession of illegal weapons.

Moreover, at Liaquatabad Bridge & Supermarket, the Central District Police arrested two more suspects, who possessed two pistols, one of which was unlicensed.

These two dead bodies with their countless heartbroken family members serve as a wake-up call for authorities and the public alike, stressing the need for severe laws and regulations to curb such unfortunate incidents. These incidents not only result in loss of life and injuries but also smudge the spirit of joy and unity associated with Pakistan Independence Day celebrations.


Ultimately, rejuvenating the authorities actively working to ensure the safety and security of citizens during Independence Day Celebrations, but the lost lives are gone now. Karachi Administration stated that in order to curb these tragic events from occurring, they will start public campaigns, educational programs, and severe law enforcement in the future.

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