Israel-Gaza Conflict Escalation: Hamas Threatens to kill Captives

Hamas Threatens to Kill Captives

If targeting civilians, hospitals, schools, homes, and private residential buildings is not stopped immediately, Hamas threatened to kill captives caught in the initial phase of the Israel-Gaza Conflict. They have threatened to execute an Israeli captive each time Israel conducts airstrikes on Palestinian homes without prior warning in the area. This threat comes as Israel makes the unprecedented move of calling up 300,000 reservists and imposing a blockade on the Gaza Strip, intensifying concerns of an impending ground assault by Israel.

Israel-Gaza conflict
Israel-Gaza conflict – (c)

Devastating Toll on both sides in Israel-Gaza Conflict

Up till now, more than 1500 hundred people have lost their lives on both sides. are lost. Major countries. Major Western countries have shown their support to the Israeli people and have taken clear sides in this Israel-Gaza Conflict.

News channels have reported that more than 900 Israelis have died in the attacks by Hamas with more than 2600 people injured. Hamas also claimed that more than a dozen people have been taken captive. It has also been reported by multiple Israeli TV Channels that 260 young individuals were also brutally gunned down at a desert music festival, where some hostages were abducted.

In response to the threat issued by Hamas, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu replied with a fiery speech, wherein he accused Iran-backed Hamas of all heinous acts in the past 48 hours, including the execution of bound children, and vowed retaliation to the horrific attacks by Hamas.

Displacement and Fear in Gaza

Due to rising tension in the region, Palestinians living in Gaza have received calls and mobile audio messages from Israeli security officers to evacuate their homes in the northern and eastern parts of Gaza. The mobile phone calls and audio messages have spread fear among the people of the next potential attack at their homes and surrounding areas.

As a result, residents of the Remal neighborhood have left their homes wide and open in a desperate bid for the security of themselves and their children. Israel’s Chief Military Spokesperson announced that southern regions, where Hamas initiated their attack, have been recaptured by the Israeli Defence Forces.

Though people in the midst of clashes reported contrary to Israel’s Chief Military spokesman’s comment, many gunmen were active last night in the areas that the spokesperson claimed to have recaptured along with siren warnings of incoming rocket fire near the border areas.

Call for 300,000 Reservists

Moreover, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced to call for 300,000 reservists to report to their designated centers within only a period of two days so that they could be further directed to join duty in designated areas near Gaza. Chief military spokesperson Rear-Admiral Daniel Hagari also confirmed talking to the media that “We have never drafted so many reservists on such a scale, and we are going on the offensive.”

International Involvement and Concerns

In the events that unfolded after the attack, it was immediately reported by Ukraine, Thailand, and Italy that their citizens had died in the attacks by Hamas. The magnitude of attacks by Hamas in Israeli territories can be anticipated from the reports that all major countries have confirmed their citizen’s deaths. President Joe Biden announced that at least 11 Americans were killed in the attacks and there might be many Americans who are held hostage by the Hamas Fighters.

The United States of America considered a major military supporter of Israel, has announced its full commitment to pledging additional warfare assistance. Moreover, top US generals have warned the Iranian government against their involvement in the crises, stressing the desire to prevent further escalation. General Charles Q Brown, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, stated, “We want to send a pretty strong message. We do not want this to broaden, and the idea is for Iran to get that message loud and clear.

Economic and Regional Ramifications

With the attack taking a severe turn, it has alarmed not only the region but also the world e.g. Israel, in response to Hamas attacks, responded with airstrikes on Hamas outfits and also killed three members of Hezbollah on the border areas of Lebanon. In a likewise answer, the Lebanese armed group Hezbollah fired rockets into Northern Israel. The Israeli authorities reported the death of their deputy commander in the earlier cross-border raid.

Due to Israel-Gaza Conflict in the Middle East, oil prices surged by 4%, gold prices rose and the US Dollar gained strength against the Euro. Due to this Israel-Gaza Conflict, international airlines have suspended/reduced services to Tel Aviv and from it, further impacting the economic landscape of the Middle-East.

This unprecedented escalation in the long-standing Israel-Gaza Conflict has shaken both Muslim and Israeli communities. Major countries’ efforts are underway to de-escalate the conflict and protect civilian populations, but the path to peace remains uncertain in the current situation.

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