PPP urged the Election Commission of Pakistan to Announce Election Date

PPP urged the Election Commission

PPP Urges Election Commission of Pakistan for Timely Election Date Announcement

In a press conference, led by Sherry Rehman, Vice President and Senator for the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) urged the Election Commission of Pakistan to announce the date for the upcoming general elections expected in the first quarter of the new year.
PPP also urged the caretaker government to take up matters with impartiality and any apprehensions of the opposition parties may be swiftly addressed, so it seems to be a level playing field for all the parties in the upcoming elections.
People’s Party spokesperson also stated that any impartiality in conducting general elections, if shown during the course of new three months, especially before upcoming general elections, might create a constitutional crisis in Pakistan.

Growing Concerns Over Election Date Delay

PPP Secretary General Nayyar Bukhari, in a tweet over X (formerly known as Twitter), has stressed the role of the Election Commission of Pakistan to timely announce the date for the upcoming polls – as it’s a crucial step toward the transparency & credibility of the upcoming general elections.
With a critical eye on the political landscape, Nayyar Bukhari also stressed the fact that any preferential treatment rendered by the Election Commission and other state institutions to the PML-N Supremo Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif or any other party head would jeopardize the credibility and legitimacy of the upcoming elections.

Lingering Uncertainty Fuels Doubts About ECP’s Credibility

In a press conference, PPP Vice President & Senator Sherry Rehman expressed the party’s apprehension pertaining to the lingering ambiguity around the official announcement of the upcoming election date. PPP Vice President and Senator Rehman also highlighted the Pakistan People’s Party’s commitment and passion for safeguarding the democratic right of citizens to participate in the electoral process – the choice of people being a vital component of the electoral process.

She further drew the attention of the Election Commission of Pakistan to swiftly announce the election date for the upcoming elections, since voter registration is expiring on October 28, 2023, and called it an appropriate time to announce the polling date. Rehman also accentuated the need for a transparent and credible elections – an essential need of the hour.

PPP Rejects ‘Minus PTI’ Outcome

Pakistan People’s Party Punjab Acting President, Rana Farooq made it clear during the press conference in Lahore that actions committed by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf are strictly not supported by the Pakistan People’s Party, and every wrongdoer must face the music for their sins, but at the same time, elections without PTI and Imran Khan would not be acceptable to People’s Party.

Farooq also emphasizes the need for conducting free and fair elections and allowing all parties to contest elections in a transparent and free manner, so people of Pakistan could be represented in the best possible way.

Criticisms Over Special Treatment and Historical References

During a press conference, Rana Farooq went on to protest against the preferential treatment rendered to PML-N Supremo, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, and argued that there should be no favoritism on the political landscape of the country.

Rana Farooq also mentioned their collaboration with the PML-N, when the PPP teamed up with PML-N to oust President Musharraf during the 2008 elections, clearing the air for having no vendetta against the PML-N, but free and fair elections are the need of the hour and must be executed.

Resurgence of PPP Support Amidst Political Dynamics

Faisal Mir, a PPP official, drew attention to the changing political realities of Pakistan by acknowledging the PML-N’s growing support in the aftermath of Nawaz Sharif’s re-emergence on the political spectrum.

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