Uncovering Israeli Actions in Gaza: A Bold Step toward Peace Needed

Uncovering Israeli Actions in Gaza
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In the wake of recent events occurring in Gaza comes a wave of international anger targeted mostly, toward Israeli actions in Gaza culminating with senseless casualties. Despite the chaos and contrasting stories, the effects of that war on broken families and communities cannot be denied. The attacks by the Israeli defense force on places like hospitals have called for immediate attention on the global front.

Uncovering the Horrors: The Al Ahli Hospital Tragedy

The Airstrike at the Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza is the most recent appalling instance of the unremitting brutality encompassing the area. The attack, which purportedly claimed over 500 lives in the hospital, has attracted a huge backlash and increasingly suggests Israel was responsible, although they insist otherwise. In the middle of the two culprits, it is Palestinians, who are suffering the most from these actions of severe brutality by Israeli Actions in Gaza.

Manipulation and Denial: Unraveling Israel’s Tactics

In as much as Israel tries to hide its crimes by accusing the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, there is no reason not to suspect that they have done it before at least once because there is a clear history of denial and hostilities against Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank. For more than decades, Israel has consistently waged war against neighboring countries claiming that it is committed to restoring peace and stability across the world. In this respect, a lot of people continue to perish as a result of ongoing violence, some of whom are innocent children. This raises doubts about the truth.

Questioning Western Alliances: Unveiling the Reality

It compounds matters that some Western leaders have aided and abetted Israeli actions in Gaza, adding to the tragic irony. Some leaders even give unrelenting support to Israel, and this is quite disturbing in terms of the politics existing worldwide. With some leaders extending unwavering solidarity to Israel, the deafening silence and lack of accountability for Israel’s actions highlight a disturbing double standard prevalent within the global political sphere.

A Call for Action: The Muslim World’s Role in the Conflict

The world is in crisis and from as far as the Muslim community there has been a cry for action. The Iranian foreign minister recently met in Jeddah, where he proposed a powerful lineup of actions, such as imposition of sanctions, suspension of trade, and an oil boycott against Israeli actions in Gaza, and advised fellow Muslims, specifically Arab states, to sever diplomatic ties with Tel Aviv.

In the wake of recent developments in the last two years, Arab states controlling the oil production and immense financial resources, have joined hands with Israel and do not want to disturb Israel/Arab interest, eying the possibility of loss of billions of dollars of trade between countries.

Image Courtesy: PressTv.ir

A Unified Stand against Israeli Actions in Gaza

At no time has informed solidarity been more essential than under the ongoing Israeli army assaults on Palestine. Exploring the reasons why the Israeli government continues to commit acts of genocide against the Palestinians is critical to resolving the decades-long crisis. Now, the entire international community should be involved in this process beyond words, speeches, and debates on Gaza’s population torments.

Israeli actions in Gaza were uncovered as a way of accountability, revealing the situation that Palestinians are facing while keeping responsible people answerable for violence committed against them. The world will show solidarity with an informed conscience and achieve the desired change by doing it justly and peacefully in the area. History has taught us that peace can resolve conflicts; hence peace should be applied in solving Palestinian issues.

This is what makes informed solidarity an important message which cannot be disregarded when contemplating on the issue concerning Israel and Palestine. Together we can change the course of history through revealing Israeli conducts, pushing for peace and enforcing the responsibility of actors involved in this continuing struggle. The world calls for peaceful and fair resolutions of long-lasting problem which was agitating the region to this end.

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