Usman Dar Resurfaces: A Shocking Revelation and Political Departure

Usman Dar Resurfaces: A Shocking Revelation and Political Departure

Usman Dar’s Resurfacing and Shocking Revelation

PTI leader Usman Dar, who has previously been missing according to his party’s claims, made a theatrical return via an interview given to Kamran Shahid on Dunya TV. In this surprising turn of events, Dar revealed significant insights into the May 9, 2023 violence and the inner workings of PTI during the past 18 odd months.
During the interview with Kamran Shahid on Dunya TV, Dar made the announcement that he was parting ways with PTI and bidding farewell to politics. This decision marked the culmination of his political journey, which he had initially begun with the Imran Khan-led party.

PTI’s Troubled Waters After May 9 Violence

It is pertinent to mention that Usman Dar’s reappearance follows the May 9, 2023 violence that erupted nationwide after Imran Khan’s arrest from the High Court Premises. It is noticed that many party leaders have since distanced themselves from PTI. In Usman Dar’s case, he sustained this pressure for almost 5 months while hiding and running but suddenly he reappeared and declared his disassociation from PTI. Experts have hinted duress after watching this interview and Usman Dar’s departure.

Alleged Abduction and Legal Action

Around 20 days, PTI’s official statement came out where PTI made a claim that some unknown persons have abducted Usman Dar in Karachi’s Malir Cantt and taken Usman Dar to an undisclosed location. Immediately family members especially brother-in-law and legal counsels approached Sindh High Court with the petition for his recovery.

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Shocking Interview on Dunya TV

After nearly 20 days of Dar’s Alleged abduction, Usman Dar appeared on Dunya TV’s program ‘On the Front’ with Kamran Shahid. In this interview Kamran Shahid asked him numerous questions about his ordeal and his knowledge of May 9, 2023 violence. Usman Dar, during the interview, stressed that the May 9 incident was not a sudden occurrence but rather the culmination of underlying tensions during the past 16 months. He further went to cite two differing mindsets within PTI, one favoring confrontation and the other advocating reconciliation with the armed forces and state agencies.

Dar’s willingness to Testify

During the program, Kamran Shahid was asked about testifying against Imran Khan in court and in response Usman Dar expressed his readiness to appear before any court of law to testify. He further emphasized the need for legal proceedings in the May 9 incidents around the country. Usman Dar attributed the current state of PTI to Imran Khan’s decisions and emphasized that the upcoming elections would determine the PTI’s trajectory.

PTI’s Need for Revival & Proposing Unity Among Major Parties

While giving interview, Usman Dar grieved over the tarnished image of PTI and the need for effective leadership to rebuild the party’s foundations. Usman Dar suggested that major political parties, including PPP, PML-N, and PTI, should come together to address national issues and work collectively towards solutions of the problems, which Pakistan is currently facing.

PTI’s Concerns About Future Abductions

In response to Dar’s claims, PTI dismissed them as “old wine in a new bottle,” stating that his interview lacked legal standing and public relevance after his prolonged disappearance. PTI also expressed concerns that similar tactics might be used against other party leaders, such as Sadaqat Abbasi, Farrukh Habib, and Sheikh Rashid, who have recently been abducted by unknown people and they might come all guns blazing against PTI’s Chairman Imran Khan.

PTI Official Account stated:

PTI Leader Hammad Azhar expressed his views

PTI Secretary General Omar Ayub calls for a Judicial Commission

Usman Dar’s recent interview with Kamran Shahid on Dunya TV sheds light on the tumultuous events surrounding the May 9 violence and his decision to part ways with PTI. PTI responds with skepticism while brushing his claims away, calling for a judicial investigation into the matter, while concerns rise about the safety of other party members.

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