Peshawar High Court Election Tribunals Uphold PTI Appeals of Shandana Gulzar and Shehryar Afridi

Peshawar High Court election tribunals

Peshawar High Court election tribunals Accepts PTI Appeals

On Tuesday, Peshawar High Court’s election tribunals handed down a clear judgment in favor of the Pakistan Tehreek-e –Insaf (PTI) leaders by granting their appeals. This crucial choice not only represents a victory for the PTI but also makes possible an active role of theirs in the upcoming elections scheduled to take place on February 8. The tribunals of the PHC election show that it is vital for a fair, as well as an inclusive democratic process. When these appeals are presented, important PTI leaders like Shandana Gulzar and Shehryar Afridi will assume vital roles in the upcoming elections with a positive impact on the overall democratic nature of this part.

Justice Shakeel Ahmad Overturns Nomination Rejection for Shandana Gulzar

One of the outstanding cases that were heard in Peshawar High Court (PHC) includes an appeal by Shandana Gulzar. The returning officer had dismissed the nomination of Gulzar without stating any grounds which made her legal representatives argued that she had completed all requirements and rules required for candidature. An impassioned plea of counsel for the petitioner that there was no rational basis behind this rejection. After careful deliberation on the incoming points, Justice Shakeel Ahmad delivered a major judgment in favor of accepting the appeal. So not only is this ruling a victory for Shandana Gulzar and her candidacy but it also provides legitimacy to the fact that she has been deprived of an opportunity to participate in local elections, thereby demonstrating how much faith Pakistan court system places on ensuring fairness intuitionism transparency.

Peshawar High Court election tribunals,

Justice SM Attique Shah Clears Shehryar Afridi’s Path to Elections

In a similar case, Justice SM Attique Shah began hearing the appeal of PTI leader Shehryar Afridi. Afridi’s nomination papers were dismissed by the returning officer as a result of a case filed against him with respect to Anti-Corruption Department. In defense of Afridi, his advocate Sher Afzal Marwat informed the court that unknown to him, Afridi had failed to put forward this case in nomination papers. In response to the convincing arguments, the court took an effective step by accepting for appeal. This decisive move allows Shehryar Afridi to play an active role in the upcoming elections, where he is the candidate for NA-35 and PK-92 based in Kohat; highlighting that this court cares about ushering a fair and impartial electoral process.

Mingora Tribunal Grants Clearance to Shahzada Sikandarul Mulk

In another landmark verdict, the election tribunal seated in Mingora passed a significant judgment allowing Shahzada Sikander ul-Mulk to freely enter into the forthcoming polls there, particularly for PK – 2 seats. This verdict does not only confirm Mulk’s competence but also makes him eligible to participate in the electoral process. The fact that the tribunal adjudicates this issue carefully considering each candidate’s qualifications and grievances shows it commitment to a fair ad transparent democratic system, showing its new value added toward electoral proceedings integrity.

Yousuf Ayub Khan’s Candidature Upheld Despite Objections

Meanwhile, the Election Tribunal Hazara made an important move by upholding Yousuf Ayub Khan’s candidacy. Asad Usman and Bilal Khan, candidates for NA-18 and PK-46 Haripur were among those who objected to the qualifications of Khan during a rigorous scrutiny procedure.

Asad Usman and Bilal Khan did not relent even though initially, this objection was laughed off by the returning officer, but then they took their case to Election Tribunal Hazara. In a decisive posture, the tribunal led by Justice Kamran Hayat Miankhel struck down the appeal and supported what had already been decided by the returning officer. The outcome stresses the tribunal’s dedication to an in-depth and impartial consideration of objections, strengthening transparent regulations used during elections and validating Yousuf Ayub Khan’s rightfulness to participate in future competitions.

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