PTI Workers’ Convention Disrupted: Allegations of Police Brutality and Unlawful Raid

PTI Workers' Convention Disrupted

Local PTI Leader’s Allegations of Police Brutality

One of the prominent PTI members, Advocate Afzaal Azeem Pahat alleged police stormed into his law chambers located in Lahore and his residence, which was illegal and unlawful according to the law of the land. The alleged overnight arrests of about 80 PTI workers had taken place in the few hours of a Sunday morning, fearing a substantial gathering for the worker’s convention.

The raid was also defined as the seizing of vital materials like CCTV, LCD, and essential papers which have contributed a lot to this problem. Punjab Police, infamous for their stern actions against the public, is accused of stealing PTI media gear from the premises. The remarks by the PTI leader are being hotly debated as they touch on a sensitive issue of the treatment of politicians and their associates, in regard to the fundamental rights and the rule of law.

Disputed Permission for PTI Workers’ Convention

Before the latest events took place, Afzaal Azeem Pahat, nominee for PTI in the National Assembly NA-123, started filing his nomination papers for a corner meeting in his constituency. The PTI had deliberately organized a workers’ convention following receiving due consent from the District office.

However, as presented by the Deputy Commissioner’s office, there was no NOC issued for the said public gathering, and therefore the statements were not true. However, these conflicting accounts have highlighted how much bureaucracy and official permission matter when planning public affairs, especially if you are believed to be against the establishment. Keeping in view Nawaz Sharif’s return on the 21st in Helicopter, it seems one cannot do anything if a party has not nodded to the establishment’s orders

Allegations of State Terrorism and Disputed Handling of the Case

On their part, Omar Ayub Khan, the PTI Secretary General condemned the prevailing circumstances in the strongest possible terms and referred to what was happening as “terrorism” by the state against the party’s workers. This was evident when the PTI officials criticized the police for treating their workers differently from those who participated in the PML-N rally.

On the other hand, the PTI claims about following due process were directly contradicted by the deputy commissioner’s office, emphasizing apparent no form of request was made for permission in addition to escalating the debate surrounding fair treatment and legal procedure in politics.

Omar Ayub Khan, PTI Workers'
Omar Ayub Khan

Accounts of Police Brutality and Disruption of the Convention

The organized worker’s convention was followed by chaos and upheavals within the same locality as soon as the raid turned out to be a failure. In addition to unauthorized entry into private premises, it was reported that the police were using heavy hands, such as beating and arresting several PTI workers.

Information secretary of PTI Lahore, Shayan Bashir, said that such rough conduct of the police created real terror among those supporting the party’s activities leading up to the convention preparations. The above events clearly show the thin line separating law enforcement issues and political movements that want to hold peaceful demonstrations, a situation that requires well-considered measures.

Calls for Fair Play and Investigation

The imperativeness of unbiased interrogation was emphasized on the part of Secretary-General Omar Ayub Khan, who referred to the presumed illegal intrusion committed by the Punjab Police personnel. There was also a video attached by the secretary general showing people wearing plain clothes and wielding sticks which showed how bad it was.

With a burning passion, they urged for transparency and fair play during their political activity which was desperately needed. The statements have increased a continued discourse on how law and order should be maintained while protecting basic rights when engaging in politics. Therefore, authorities must ensure accountability and impartiality.

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