Disappearance of Journalist Imran Riaz Khan: A Cry for Justice

The disappearance of TV personality and social media star journalist Imran Riaz Khan has left the nation in distress. Imran Riaz, one of the most prominent anchorpersons with millions of YouTube Followers was arrested on May 11 by Punjab police under the Maintenance of Public Order rules.

His subsequent release by the police officials, followed by abduction by unidentified personnel has kindled grave concern pertaining to his whereabouts and well-being. Today, we’ll discuss the issues encircling Imran Riaz Khan’s disappearance, enforced disappearances in Pakistan, and their call for justice.

134-Long days of Disappearance of Imran Riaz Khan

Imran Riaz’s disappearance sheds light on the irony of the current state of affairs in Pakistan, where a journalist for having a dissent against the establishment and government in power has been picked up and disappeared for almost 150 days now.

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Review Petition for Imran Riaz’s recovery

As the Lahore High Court, Lahore prepares to review the petition for Imran Riaz’s recovery, these recent developments emphasize the urgency of the situation. The identification of suspects in his abduction brings renewed hope for justice, and the court must ensure a thorough investigation to bring those responsible to account before the court of law.

The Disappearance and Controversy

The illegal arrest and subsequent vanishing of Imran Riaz in thin air have stirred up disconcerting inquiries among the people of Pakistan. Despite the police asserting his release following the withdrawal of the detention order, doubts persist about the involvement of law enforcement agencies in his mysterious disappearance. A widespread belief of the public suggests that he is held captive by influential figures within the state, which is why police have not been able to get information about his whereabouts.

Human Toll of Forced Disappearances on Family Members

Imagine being in the shoes of families like Imran Riaz’s, desperately looking for answers about their missing loved ones. It’s a never-ending nightmare filled with uncertainty for the families. The forced disappearances they endure bring immense emotional pain and psychological turmoil, leaving them in an agonizing state of not knowing. It is very unfortunate that Pakistan out of all bad things, has gained a notorious reputation for having a high number of forced disappearance cases.

Now, imagine Imran Riaz’s wife, children, and elderly father, bravely showing up in court multiple times for court hearings, but even after 134 long days, they still have no idea where Imran Riaz is. Every time they appear in court, the police officials and government prosecutors ask for more time, and the courts grant these extensions without feeling the pain of the family, who is in desperate hope to meet their loved one. Even though everyone knows who is responsible for his illegal detention, nobody from the Hon’ble Courts or Police is brave enough to call the real culprit. It’s a heartbreaking and frustrating situation for this family and many others like them.

Seeking Legal Redressal

Even in the face of daunting challenges and obstacles, a spark of hope for justice still flickers in the people of Pakistan. A petition seeking the safe return of Imran Riaz is set to be reviewed by the Lahore High Court.

During past hearings, the Punjab Inspector General (I.G.) provided the court with reassurances that the police investigation was making headway, citing “positive progress” in the case and urging the court for 10 more days. Nonetheless, the ongoing delays in resolving have understandably led to mounting frustration among those involved in these proceedings especially the family of Imran Riaz.

Plea for Timely Action

The nation pleads before the Hon’ble Courts for timely action in the case of Imran Riaz’s illegal detention. Each day that passes without resolution in Imran Riaz’s case is an injustice to him and a source of anguish for his entire family. The Hon’ble Court must take decisive action to expedite the investigation and ensure that justice prevails in the shape of Imran Riaz’s recovery. The nation watches, and the entire world awaits an end to this upsetting ordeal.

As we go through the complexities of this case, let us not forget the human toll it has taken on Imran Riaz’s family and all Pakistanis. The nation and the world are watching the Hon’ble Courts, and we hope that Imran Riaz’s safe return and accountability for those responsible will not only bring closure to his family but also reaffirm the principles of justice and freedom of expression that are integral to a democratic society, which Pakistani governments always claimed to be one.

The Disappearance of Journalist Imran Riaz: A Cry for Justice

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