Hijab Zahid Appointed First Woman GM

Hijab Zahid Appointed First Woman GM in PSL History

The remarkable rise of Hijab Zahid as the First Woman GM in PSL History is making waves in the world of cricket. The Multan Sultans administration has appointed Zahid as their new General Manager (GM). At the age of just twenty-eight years, Zahid not only becomes the youngest GM in the franchise’s history but also one of the few women worldwide to lead a T20 franchise in the national leagues. The appointment of Zahid marks a significant moment, not only in Pakistan Cricket History but in World Cricket history, and underscores the winds of change blowing through the beautiful sport of cricket.

Hijab Zahid’s Professional Journey

Ms. Zahid Appointed First Woman GM in PSL History and her journey to the General Managership of Multan Sultans is nothing short of inspiring. At present, Ms. Zahid is serving as the Director of Grassroots Cricket, she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her new role as a general manager of Multan Sultan. While working as the Director of Grassroot Cricket, she has been a source of continuous inspiration for her peers around her and has undoubtedly made a lasting impact on the sport’s development.

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Educational Background and Previous Roles

Ms. Zahid’s educational qualifications speak volumes about her commitment & passion to game of cricket management. She has done master’s in project management from the University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Before Director of Grassroot Cricket, she worked with Islamabad United as a media manager, where it has been reported by the sources that she completely understands every facet of cricket.

Ownership Transition and Ali Tareen’s Endorsement

he appointment of Ms. Zahid as GM & its announcement come during a period, when Multan Sultan’s previous co-owner Ali Tareen was trying to assume full control of Multan Sultan due to his uncle Alamgir Tareen’s demise in July 2023. Ali Tareen in a Tweet endorsed the appointment of Ms. Zahid as “South Asia’s first woman GM in men’s cricket” which underscores the significance of this appointment.

Hijab Zahid Appointed First Woman GM in PSL History

Commitment to Gender Parity

Ali Tareen is not just a new owner of Multan Sultan; he is also considered as a Visionary in the cricketing world. Not only did he appoint Ms. Zahid Appointed First Woman GM in PSL History from Multan Sultan, but he has also committed to appoint female coaches before the commencement of next year’s Pakistan Super League (PSL), indicating to promote gender equality within the franchise. Such revolutionary thinking aims to create an inclusive and varied environment within the world of franchise cricket management in Pakistan.

Breaking Stereotypes in a Male-dominated Cricket Arena

In an interview, Ms. Zahid stated that she fully understands the challenges and trials that she may face in her new role as a General Manager. She further went on to say “It’s a lot harder to assert authority as a woman.” Ms. Zahid Appointed First Woman GM in PSL History intends to initiate discussion via events, workshops, and meetings aimed at fostering acceptance and collaboration between the genders as far as cricket is concerned. Hijab Zahid stated that she would like to see more female presenters, analysts, & managers in the sporting world under her supervision.

Hijab Zahid’s appointment as the first woman General Manager in PSL history marks a momentous step forward for gender equality & diversity in cricket management in Pakistan. With the support of Ali Tareen, Owner of Multan Sultan, and a commitment to promoting women in leadership roles, Multan Sultans has been the first cricketing franchise to redefine the norms of cricket administration.

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