Imran Khan could be poisoned, says Bushra Bibi

Imran Khan could be poisoned, says Bushra Bibi

According to recent reports, the wife of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, Bushra Bibi expressed fear about his life stating “Imran Khan could be poisoned”, while he is incarcerated in District Jail, Attock. The Trial Court directed the police to incarcerate former Prime Minister Adyala Jail, Rawalpindi, instead, he was taken to Attock Jail.


The Trial Court of Judge Humayun Dilawar found Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan guilty over the charges of concealing details of state gifts and convicted him to 3 years in prison. Following the conviction from Trial Court, Punjab police raided Imran Khan’s residence in Zaman Park, Lahore and took him to Attock Jail. Subsequently, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) immediately uploaded a press release banning him from contesting elections for the next 5 years.

Imran Khan’s Message from Attock Jail

Khan’s lawyer, Naeem Haider Panjutha, has voiced his dissent on multiple occasions on the alleged condition in Attock Jail. After meeting Khan on August 7th, Naeem Haider Panjutha narrated Imran Khan’s words before the media that “Khan sahib mentioned he is being kept in a small, dark, manual labor room with an open washroom that lacks a shower. Flies are present in the morning and insects in the evening.”

Letter to Home Secretary citing previous attacks

It is reported that Bushra Bibi wrote a letter to Punjab Home Secretary on August 17, 2023, demanding his transfer to Adyala Jail, since Attock Jail lacks A and B Class facilities, generally allocated to a higher-class convict. Bushra Bibi also stated that she fears for “Imran Khan’s life” in Attock Jail and expressed severe concerns about a potential “poisoning attempt” citing previous attacks in Wazirabad and Judicial Complex.

Citing Laurels

In the letter Bushra Bibi probed the motivation behind Imran Khan’s detention in Attock Jail, citing his laurels in fields known to every Pakistani such as World Cup Winning Former Pakistan Cricket Team Captain, Former Prime Minister, and above all an Oxford Graduate. She also criticized the policy of keeping him in C-Class Jail, allegedly contradicting the jail manual and rules.

Violation of fundamental rights

In the same letter, she also argued the need for delivering homemade food in jail, reckoning it a violation of fundamental rights. She further urged the jail authorities to swiftly provide the former Prime Minister with entitled facilities and allow access to his personal physician Mr. Faisal Sultan. In her appeal to the provincial home secretary, she requested to initiate a comprehensive legal investigation to determine the legality of Imran Khan’s current detention in Attock Jail. She further stressed in the letter to Home Secretary to comply with rules and provide appropriate conditions for a political leader of his stature. Imran Khan could be poisoned

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